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Dec. 22nd, 2012

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How very festive!

Well we're sat at home doing bits and festive bobs!

Yesterday was the the winter solstice and the Return of the Eye of Ra, and I had a half day off work, so baked some celebratory bread with ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon, cleared out the spare room, spent some lovely shrine time, lit up the festive altar and well, less excitingly did the Tesco shop with hubby.  It was actually a really nice day :) 

Now today it's pouring it down with rain, and we're wrapping and making presents, and dogsitting while my mum and step-dad are away - I've missed the dog since we moved into our new house!!

Dec. 20th, 2012

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First update in how long?!

Okay so it's been a long time - as in, over a year o_0?! 

I cannot believe just how quickly that year has flown by! Since last updating my journal I've moved 200 miles, started uni, dropped out, moved 200 miles home again, temped over last Christmas, started working again back at my old place, got married to my fabulous husband, bought our first house together and now have our first Christmas tree! Woohoo! 

Some things stay the same though - I still love writing (in fact I'm actually trying to properly write a book or two and get them published...) and I still love, adore and worship ballet (which incidentally is where I was tonight... and yes, it did rock). 

That's pretty much where life is right now, just getting ready for celebrating the solstice tomorrow (woohoo to a half day at work!), then Moomas in a few days time...

So there we have it.  Hello to everyone on here that I haven't kept up with in a long time - luckily most are on facebook too :) 

Aug. 27th, 2011

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Ballet and art....

Just discovered 'The Ballerina Project' through google - search it - the images are absolutely fabulous.... absolutely stunning :)

Also, I've had some rather spiffy ideas for art, so hooray!! Creativity has returned :) 

Aug. 2nd, 2011

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For yesterday - NEKHTET!

Dua Aset!!

Happy Birthday!

Jul. 31st, 2011

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So....yesterday.... :)

I just thought I'd update my journal with yesterday - which was an amazing, special and awesome day :) 

Yesterday Brook and I went to Symonds Yat (a really beautiful scenic place in Wales) to go canoeing.  Which I have to say was great fun.  Hard work in places but great fun! It was really nice and warm so we went doodling up the river, looking at ducks, saw what we think was a water rat, saw a cygnet and its parent and it was great.  Then we came to a bit with sort of mini rapids and a really strong current, so we were paddling as hard as we could getting nowhere, an arguing about it and having a good old bicker until Brook finally got out and pulled the canoe up that part of the river (it was very shallow as well!) and I was ever so helpful and sat in the canoe taking photos!! (I did offer to help!!) :) 

So we got through the rapids, well, mini rapids, and then carried on upstream a little bit until we found a gorgeous little spot to stop for lunch.  There was a little sort of side stream that we pulled the canoe up into, then went up a bit of the bank onto a sort of little stone jetty part.  It was absolutely beautiful, really scenic, with dragon flies and flowers and it was warm and sunny, so we had lunch there, then went back to the canoe and paddled back down the stream (stopping off at a gorgeous little church and a couple of other places along the way!). 

And then after that we wandered down through the little village for a bit, and went back to the car.  We headed back home through what I think was bits of the forest of dean (possibly!) and then came across Tintern Abbey.  I was absolutely geeking out, and so we pulled over and went in to the abbey to have a look around.  It was absolutely gorgeous, so we went through taking photographs and exploring, found a nesting bird, strange holes and all sorts.  It was just incredible, so so awe-inspiring it really was.  

Then we went through to a grassy part out in the sun, and were just chilling out, and then Brook proposed to me.  And it was just so sweet and beautiful, and well, I said yes, so, we're now engaged :) 

It was just an amazing amazing day :)
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For today... NEKHTET!

Dua Set!

Happy Birthday!

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For yesterday.... NEKHTET!

Dua Heru-Wer!

Happy Birthday!

Jul. 29th, 2011

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Happy birthday :)

Jul. 12th, 2011

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So we went to the beer festival - which was really really lovely - sunny and warm, plenty of wine, and friends. So that was really nice :)

Brook and I had a heart to heart. He does want to marry me. I was over the moon. Seriously over the moon.

And he was going to propose to me in Belize. But I cocked that up.... :(

So now I'm really really sad about it. Horrendously sad because I feel like a blew my chance you know? I know that's stupid but that's how I feel.

And he said that he wants to make a romantic gesture of it - which is lovely, but I don't mind about romantic gestures. To me romantic can just be as much as being somewhere I love and I'm happy with the man that I love. Simple as. To me, that is romantic. That is beauiful.

I really want to be engaged to him. I love him so much.

And the girl in me really wants to get engaged to him before we go away to uni, because, well, I want to be able to celebrate something that amazing with my friends and family, with the people I love and care about up here.  When we're in uni it's almost never I'll be able to come back and see them cos it's muchos moolah... and we'll be skint students.  I know that's silly and girlish, but I want to be able to celebrate it with people like obviously my family, but Jojo, Kay, Kitt. Aaron and all that lot..... :(

Jul. 5th, 2011

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Up to?

Well watching 'Don't Tell The Bride' and playing mystery game on the computator.

Should be making sandwiches for work. But hey ho - it's not happening right now!

Also - people should visit: www.helpsavebees.co.uk.

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